What is the difference between a Personal Chef and a Private Chef?

A "typical" personal chef is usually a self-taught cook, serving several clients, usually one per day. A personal chef grocery shops and brings all the cooking utensils they'll need to provide multiple meals in one "cook date," preparing recipes that are customized to their client's particular requests and dietary requirements. These meals are packaged and stored in the fridge and freezer with reheating directions so that the client may heat and enjoy them at their leisure in the near future.
A "traditional" private chef is usually professionally trained and employed by one individual or family full-time, preparing any meals their client enjoys at home (or travels with them to prepare their away from home meals).

What makes your Chef Services different from the other Personal Chefs in the area?

World's Fare is unlike other personal chef services in the area, boasting several essential cornerstones that form our “Culinary Nirvana”.

Best Meals: We provide restaurant quality meals for you to enjoy at your convenience. Chef Chris is professionally trained and has developed cooking techniques and recipes to enhance the service.

Best Ingredients Available: We shop at only the best grocery and specialty stores.

Organic & Local: Our dishes are (as much as possible or requested) local and organic.

Convenience: We are structured to provide you with the most flexibility that this service can offer.

Variety: As a USPCA Premier Member, World's Fare has access to literally thousands of tried and true recipes. In addition, Chef Chris has developed hundreds more in his extensive career. It is guaranteed that you won't see the same recipe in a 6 month time period (unless you request it)

Customer Service: Because this is a personalized service, it is all about the client.

Do you cook in my kitchen?

The RI Department of Health codes require that all food must be prepared either in the home of the client or in a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen. In addition, preparing meals in your home insures that you are provided with the freshest, highest quality food possible.

On our predetermined cook day, our chef will arrive with all the fresh groceries and cooking equipment to prepare your meals from scratch in your home. All we need of yours is the oven, range, refrigerator and sink. We leave your kitchen as clean as we found it with the aroma of a fresh, wonderful food.

Do you deliver meals?

We do not deliver meals as of yet.

How long will you be here?

It depends on the personalized service we agree upon. Generally we'll be in your kitchen from 4-6 hours. We will be more than happy to accommodate your schedule to insure your comfort. You do not need to be home during the service. In fact, most clients are not at home. We can arrange a time for a key pick-up or I can arrive before you leave in the morning.

Is it okay if I watch - or help?

In order to provide you with the best chef service possible we ask you to limit your access to the kitchen while we are cooking.

Do I heat the food?

We prepare, package and leave the food in your refrigerator with labels. All containers will be labeled and you will be furnished with a menu listing with detailed reheating instructions as well as nutritional information. If frozen, we ask that you thaw IN REFRIGERATOR for at least 24 hours before reheating.

How much room in the fridge will you need?

It depends on the number of meals that you are selecting for your service.

Can you use my storage containers?

Efficient storage is one of the reasons Personal Chefs prefer to select the appropriate uniform size storage containers for their clients. These microwave- and oven-safe containers are included in the cost of the service. In some instances and cases, we can use yours.

What type of dishes do you prepare?

We prepare any cuisine, regional or national, local or international, etc., etc. – hence, the name, World's Fare. If you have a family favorite, we will prepare that as well. We specialize in ingredient substitution and recipe conversion.

How much does it cost?

The cost per meal is about the same as a middle-of-the-road restaurant. However, we personalize each service for each client. At home, with meals from World's Fare, you don't have to tip, drive anywhere to get the meals, pay marked-up drink prices! You can eat in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you. Simply do the math; the cost of a Personal Chef is better value for your money. Personal Chef service fees include assessment of your tastes and needs, menu planning, research for specialty diets, shopping, meal preparation, packaging and storage of your meals and clean up. Restaurant dining involves work...by you. And a lot of waiting.

Moreover...How much is your time worth? Let's say you pay yourself $20 per hour, not an unreasonable amount, to perform the dinner tasks (planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning) . It could easily take you 10-12 hours per week to do this! That's already $200-$240! Now add the cost of groceries -- easily another $80-$100 per week! Well...you've already justified hiring a Personal Chef!

With a personal chef, you can relax, spend more time on your life. You’ll be less likely to resort to low-quality, unhealthy fast food as well as less likely to make impulse purchases in the grocery store. What about all that “healthy” food that you bought but didn't know what to do with until it was time to throw it away? No more of that either.

How do we pay you?

Generally, you pay by check in advance for the next cook day.

What does your fee include?

•A personalized in-home interview
•Kitchen inspection
•Personalized menu research and development based on your preferences for the length of your service
•Menu Proposal, updated as often as necessary
•Grocery shopping
•Chef to prepare and package your food
•Labels and reheating instructions for your meals
•Kitchen clean up
•Client feedback

How often will we need your service?

This depends on the number of meals you plan on enjoying.
We are happy to work with you and discuss some service options be it semi-weekly, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or just when you need us.

How long will the food last?

This depends on the number of meals that you select.
The idea of our service is to provide a great dining experience at home when you want or need one – not to "keep you home" every night away from other things you like to do.

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